Faculty of Health- and Social Sciences


The Nutrition Specialists III was organized in Gyula on the topic of multidisciplinary nutrition science. National Conference on September 29. The event of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of Gál Ferenc University was implemented in the form of a hybrid conference, so interested students could also join the event online.

Szilvia Beke, the deputy dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, said: during the day, the specialists will listen to lectures on malabsorption and the related analytical possibilities, and discuss the topic of obesity.

– On the second day of the event, we will learn more about our food consumption habits and how the body and soul can relate to our nutrition.

At the opening of the conference, prof. dr. László Dux, rector of Gál Ferenc University, greeted those present. He emphasized: it is an honor for the hosts that the Faculty can host this event.

“For me, nutrition science is a very respectable and important branch of our profession,” he began his welcoming thoughts, and then explained the biological process of energy production.

He added: the current challenge of nutrition science is the quantitative imbalance of socialization eating habits.

– We usually absorb the amount of energy that keeps us going 24 hours a day in three or four meal periods. These concentrated meals can lead to positive experiences, but at the same time lead to nutritional disorders such as overeating or dangerously reduced food intake.

In the continuation, László Becsei, director of the Békés County Central Hospital, gave his welcoming thoughts and explained the programs of the event.

After the greetings, the two-day program continued with the scientific presentations.

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