GFU has entered into cooperation agreements with Jordanian institutions

Gál Ferenc University has entered into a cooperation agreement with educational institutions in Jordan. Between 15 and 20 November, Dr. István Thékes, GFU’s College Professor and Chief Secretary for Foreign Affairs, and two teachers from its public education institutions paid a five-day visit to Madaba, Jordan. The Chief Secretary for Foreign Affairs discussed possible joint work with Jordanian universities, while Tímea Kugyela (GFU Elementary School-Szarvas) and Zoltán Lupták (GFU Technikum-Békés) had a look at the work of the primary school of The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem Schools – Hanina. The three GFU representatives participated in lessons and teacher meetings on several school days. There was an ongoing discussion with the head of the schools in search of possible elements of joint work. As part of a busy program, the staff visited the Jordan River, the site of Jesus’ baptism at the Jordan-Israeli border. They also went up to Mount Nebo, where the Bible tells us God showed Moses the Promised Land.

It is important for GFU to be a globally active player in internationalisation processes, in line with its Christian values. In Europe, there is already effective cooperation with many Catholic and public institutions. In addition, our institution has already carried out both student and faculty mobility in the American continent. It is a significant step forward to find appropriate partnerships with universities and schools in the Middle East that embrace Christian values. One sign of this is the excellent partnership that our University has developed with the American University of Madaba, which was inaugurated with a Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI himself in 2009.

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