Faculty of Health- and Social Sciences


A conference entitled Rethinking and Supporting the Individual and the Community in the Context of Sustainability was held on the occasion of the Hungarian Science Day on Wednesday at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of Gál Ferenc University in Gyula.

Prof. Dr. László Dux, Rector of the Gál Ferenc University, said in his opening speech that it was a great pleasure for him that a high-quality event was organised at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences in Gyula during the week of the Hungarian Science Day. As he pointed out, they are proud of the fact that their colleagues are actively involved not only in teaching but also in scientific research, and that they also involve young people in this work within the framework of the scientific student circle.

– For Gál Ferenc University it is very important that the results of scientific research are put into practice as soon as possible, which is very important for health and science and for making everyday life more pleasant and safer,” the Rector added.

Afterwards, Prof. Dr. László Dux and Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulrab Mohamed, President of the Public Foundation for a Healthy City, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the University of Gál Ferenc. Dr. Gábor Vincze, Dean of the Faculty of Gyula, said that the Public Foundation for a Healthy City was founded in 1992 with the important aim of stopping the deterioration of health of the population of Gyula and influencing it in a positive direction. The organisation also promotes the effective use of health education methods, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the prevention of diseases.

– In this form of cooperation, the only social health faculty in Békés County can do the most in terms of providing background and everything else,” said Dr. Gábor Vincze. The expert pointed out that they can do even more for the healthy lifestyle of the city and the region, for a healthy and longer life.

Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulrab Mohamed told our news portal that the university will help and participate in the preventive programmes organised by the foundation, and the events will be implemented together.

The conference will feature a number of informative presentations.

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