Faculty of Health- and Social Sciences


Twenty-one secondary school students from Békés and Csongrád-Csanád counties competed in a competition organised by the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of Gál Ferenc University. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the beauty of the nursing profession and to contribute to the promotion of the profession. The announcement of the results was held in the Skill-lab conference room of the Central Hospital of Békés County.

Tamás Herczeg, Member of Parliament, said in his speech that nurses are the most important colleagues of doctors and they are the ones who can help patients with a smile, a touch or even a kind word. He said that they become a real healing force when they can do their job with the right expertise and dedication.

– In in-patient care, professionally trained nurses will be indispensable, caring for patients before, during and after their medical work. The lives and health of so many people depend on nurses, which is why it is important to have a well-trained supply of new nurses,” said the Mayor of Békéscsaba.

Péter Szarvas added that he was pleased to see that many students from the county seat had also competed, and to encourage the nursing profession he awarded a special prize to the youngest Békéscsaba nursing candidate. Gréta Szabó, an 11th-grade student at the Szent-Györgyi Albert Technikum, said she was motivated to enter the competition by her class teacher and chose nursing to help people.

Twenty-one students from Békés and Csongrád-Csanád counties, studying in the health sector, took part in the “Most Outstanding Nursing Candidate” competition, which was held over three rounds.

– The contestants were able to test their skills in patient care, nursing and first aid, how to adapt to the patient and how to care for patients in the fastest, most practical and humane way possible, according to the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the Gál Ferenc University.

Dr. Gábor Vincze stressed that the participation in the competition clearly opens the way for them to continue their studies at the university and the long-term goal is to have more qualified nurses to serve the population of Békés county, as they can replace doctors in many cases.

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