Faculty of Health- and Social Sciences


Last Friday, the Multidisciplinary Scientific Society for More Children was officially established, and we welcome our University’s faculty members as founding members and board members. The president of the scientific society is Dr. Kornél Mák, associate professor at the Gál Ferenc University, head of the Bolberitz Pál Training Centre in Kecskemét, and the vice-president is Dr. László Párducz PhD, professor at our university.

Dr. Sarolta Fest, Professor Emerita of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Dr. Szilvia Beke, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Dr. Andrea Párduczné Dr. Szöllősi, Head of Department, Associate Professor, and Dr. Attila Rákóczi, Director General of the Békés County Government Office, lecturer of our Faculty of Economics, were present as founding members.

The event was also graced by Dr. Katalin Szili, the Prime Minister’s Advisor, who pointed out that the total fertility rate in Hungary is currently close to 1.7, but to stop the population decline we need 2.1. The year before last, the country’s population fell by 62 582, with the pandemic playing a significant role, and the pandemic also had a negative impact on the birth rate.

The Society was created to contribute to this noble “network” by joining forces and contributing to the achievements of each of us in our own scientific fields, so that more Hungarian children are born and grow up healthy in the Carpathian Basin.

Nothing exemplifies this endeavour better than the 1st Scientific Conference on “Supporting Childbearing in the Carpathian Basin”, which was held after the inaugural meeting, and was attended by the management of the Society, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of the University and the Director General of the Government Office of Békés County.

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