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A professional symposium entitled “Opportunities for the Hungarian Economy in 2023” was held on Tuesday at the Faculty of Economics of the Gál Ferenc University in Békéscsaba. The event was jointly organised by the university and the Students for Students Foundation.

Before the presentations, Prof. Dr. László Dux, Rector of the University, and György Szatmári, founder of the foundation, gave a welcome speech. At the opening ceremony it was said that the Faculty of Economics usually organises events like this one every autumn to celebrate the Month of Science, but this year they thought it was time for a spring conference. Moreover, the topic is quite topical.

As it turned out, the day of the symposium was exceptional in that, in addition to students and high school students, representatives of businesses and companies were invited to this conference.

It is their intention to make the Faculty of Economics an economic, intellectual community and knowledge centre for businesses in the region.

Prof. Dr. László Dux said that they were pleased to host the symposium. He added that GFU, as an institution of higher education of the Szeged-Csanád Diocese, considers it a priority to offer modern education in the Diocese that will increase moral values, responsibility, love of community, family and country in the students.

He explained that Békés County is a key area for the expected economic development, which is why conferences like this one are so important.

In his welcome speech, György Szatmári recalled the purpose and the milestones of the foundation’s establishment. The first was to revitalise university community life, which they eventually started to work on in the form of a foundation. He added that they had been working with the university from the beginning, with Dr. Zoltán Árpási, Dean of the University, becoming a member of the Board of Trustees.

Dr Árpád Kovács, President of the Budget Council, gave the first presentation, followed by Dr Balázs Szepesi, Head of School of Economics and Religious Studies at MCC. The conference was closed by Dr. Zoltán Árpási.

Photos: Jármi József

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