Monika Csefkó and Dr. István Thékes also presented at the national ERASMUS coordinator conference

The annual National Convention of International Coordinators was held at the Study and Information Centre of the University of Szeged. The prestigious event, which took place between 8-10 November, was attended by all segments of the internationalisation in higher education and covered all relevant areas and topics. During the breaks and social programmes, participants exchanged ideas and shared experiences as well as good practices.

Two lecturers from Gál Ferenc University, Monika Csefkó institutional Erasmus+ coordinator and Dr. István Thékes Secretary General for Foreign Affairs also gave presentations at the conference. Monika Csefkó presented about how to use the various possibilities of the genial.ly online platform in Erasmus+ promotion, including the increasingly popular Erasmus+ online info package, while Dr. István Thékes presented on the preparation and implementation of KA2 projects. Both presentations were important for our institution, as GFE is actively involved in the internationalisation processes in higher education.

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