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The Faculty of Gál Ferenc University in Gyula has had an intense start to the year

In 3 Topics we talked to Gábor Vincze, Dean of Faculty in Gyula, and Szilvia Beke, Associate Dean of the Faculty in  Gyula, about the upcoming Gyula Higher Education Day, the new admission point system and the stages of student recruitment.

The beginning of the year is not about resting at the Faculty of Gyula either. In the past weeks, around 400 students have given an account of their knowledge gained during the semester and nearly 50 have taken final exams in various subjects, while preparations are already underway to celebrate Gyula Higher Education Day on 1 February. Gábor Vincze, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Health Sciences in Gyula, told 3 Tema that it was decided seven years ago to hold a scientific conference on health education in Gyula.

There are still three weeks to go until this year’s deadline for applications, and until then every opportunity will be taken to reach out to those considering further studies at the Gyula faculty, Szilvia Beke emphasised. One of the national stages of this was the recent Educatio Trade Fair in Budapest, where the GFE was present at the collegiate level. The Associate Dean said that there was a huge interest during the three days, but most of the questions were directed at the nationally unique Master’s programme, which started last September.

Szilvia Beke said that one of the ways of addressing the secondary school age group is through professional competitions. These include the traditional “most outstanding nursing candidate” competition organised by the Gyula faculty and this year’s “best health tourism organiser in the Southern Great Plain”. Both competitions are popular and have attracted a good number of entries, said the vice-dean. This is also important because the new admission procedure awards institutional points for the competitions and other activities.

The Faculty of Gál Ferenc University in Gyula still has opportunities for interested students until the deadline for applications for higher education in mid-February. One of these is the Gyula Higher Education Day on 1 and 6 February, the last open day of the recruitment period.

Source: Gyula TV

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