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The award ceremony of the “Be the Best Health Tourism Organiser of the Southern Great Plains” competition for secondary school students in the region was held on Tuesday afternoon at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of Gál Ferenc University in Gyula. The higher education institution organised the competition in cooperation with the Békés Vármegyei Terézeti Organisation of the Hungarian Chamber of Health Care Professionals, the Gyulai Tourism Nonprofit Ltd. and the Erkel Ferenc Cultural Centre and Museum Nonprofit Ltd. The competition for the best health tourism organiser in the Southern Great Plains had a number of complex tasks for the young people.

Dr. Gábor Vincze, Dean of the University of Gyula, said in his welcome speech that health care in Gyula has a history going back hundreds of years. As he pointed out, the competition for the best health tourism organiser in the Southern Great Plains was held for the first time, with the aim of presenting the beauty of a profession that provides a living for thousands of people and is supported by a strong infrastructure in our region. He recalled that in 2006, the faculty was the first in the country to launch a course in health organisation with a specialisation in health tourism. He stressed that health and medical tourism cannot be imagined without the right expertise and love for people.

The competition for the best health tourism organiser in the Southern Great Plains started in the autumn

Dr. Szilvia Beke, Vice Dean of the Faculty, said that the competition started last autumn with the aim of presenting and focusing more on local values, the hidden beauties of tourism and Hungaricums.

– The competition started with theoretical, online rounds in October and November. The practical round was held on Tuesday, giving the contestants the opportunity to learn more about the region’s values and to show their skills in programme organisation as a project task.

The expert stressed that they also wanted to give young people an even better understanding of their training as health organisers.

– We showed how important the work of the profession is and how it contributes to the health of the population and the economy,” he stressed.

The best health tourism organiser award went to Petra Bojtos. Second place went to Dézi Molnár and third place to Máté Nagypál.

Source: beol.hu

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