Address: 5600 Békéscsaba, Bajza u. 33, Hungary
E-mail: titkarsag.gk[at]gfe.hu
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In addition to marketable knowledge, Békéscsaba provides a lot more. Békéscsaba is the county seat, and as the seat of Békés county it offers a nationally outstanding cultural and sports life and is also a town of creative and performing artists as well as athletes.
It offers theatres, youth centres, museums, exhibition venues from Munkácsy to contemporary artists, classical concerts as well as modern musical trends, national handball, volleyball and football matches, but athletics, fencing and dancing are also popular here.
In addition to student sports events, the sports hall and artificial grass pitch of our university is home to several clubs.
Our campus in Békéscsaba provides an inspiring environment for professional development and studies, and our green areas surrounding our buildings are ideal for youth and community programmes.
Our spacious buildings provide a comfortable background for student and staff communities, while our modern library and residential home provide a relaxed, homely environment.
Our mission is to be a value-creating enterprise for the common good, to provide leadership based on people-centred economics, and to pass on the skills and know-how of motivated work.


Welcome to the Faculty of Economics at Gál Ferenc University!

Higher education has a history of more than 30 years in Békéscsaba. The degree programmes in economics that define today’s profile have been present since the mid-1990s. Since the beginning the institution has gone by many names, the current one since 2018, when it joined Gál Ferenc University maintained by the Diocese of Szeged-Csanád, a change that has brought reassuring stability.
Over the past three decades thousands of students have graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Békéscsaba. According to feedback from the labour market, the majority of graduates have had successful careers.
At present, we offer degree programmes (BSc) of Business and Management, Finance and Accounting and Technical Engineering, as well as various advanced vocational programmes.
We were the first in the country to launch a dual training programme in partnership with a financial institution, which has been the subject of continuing interest ever since.
In line with the expectations of the academic world, the Faculty has several research centres and publishes its own journal called Perspective. We present our findings on several occasions at scientific and professional conferences each year, while the work of our students is presented at Scientific Student Conferences organized in honour of the Celebration of Hungarian Science.

Studying in Békéscsaba is special not only because of the inspiring environment of the county seat, but also because of the human scale of life on campus at the Faculty of Economics. There’s enough time for personal mentorin, and the informal, friendly atmosphere makes everyday work easier and more enjoyable.

We welcome you all in Békéscsaba, at the Faculty of Economics of Gál Ferenc University!
I sincerely hope to meet and welcome you in person soon!

Dr. Zoltán Árpási

Dr. Zoltán Árpási

Faculty of Economics Department of Studies

Faculty of Economics Department of Studies
5600 Békéscsaba, Bajza utca 33.
E-mail: to.gk[at]gfe.hu
Tel: (66)-887-150/705 extension, (66)-887-155
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