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The traditions of the teaching profession dating back to 1795 and the value-oriented educational innovations of the 21st century walk hand in hand on the banks of the River Körös in a picturesque environment – this is what the Faculty of Education in Szarvas means to us!
Discover one of the country’s oldest pedagogical institutions, where, in addition to modern and dynamic training, a wide range of exciting programmes are offered in the geographical centre of the Carpathian Basin in Szarvas, a town close to nature and full of culture.
The cultural life of Szarvas is also known abroad: just think of the Water Theatre and the Cervinus Theatre, the series of festivals, the wonders of the Arboretum, the interactive models of Mini Hungary, sport halls, the swimming pool, water sports on the River Körös, or the Bolza Castle of our university. These special features of the town are in line with the modern, practice-oriented training offered by the Faculty of Education. There is a teacher training partnership school and kindergarten on campus, where students can prepare for their careers, and our students can stay in our modern dormitory during their university years. The memories of all those years keep hundreds of graduates in their profession and make them enrol on our further education courses.
Why is it a good idea to study here?
Because you will have a wonderful time here! We have a strong, inclusive community here and you are surrounded by beautiful natural treasures. Because the centuries-old pedagogical tradition of our faculty is blended with up-to-date knowledge. Because GFU is the university of your homeland.


Dear Visitor,
Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Education in Szarvas.

Our institution that is maintained by the Diocese of Szeged-Csanád and whose pillars are based on the principles of two millennia of Christian spirituality, and that preserves the two-century-old traditions of national kindergarten teacher training, offers all who study here an active, motivating and richly rewarding university experience.
The Faculty of Education in Szarvas is one of the leading institutions for kindergarten teacher training in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, and it works in close cooperation with the GFU’s Teacher Training Partnership School and Kindergarten.
At the University’s teacher training campus high quality education is achieved through a combination of enthusiastic and experienced teachers, researchers, and excellent training supervisors with practical experience. Their work is supported by competent technical and administrative staff, always considerate to the needs of the students at our faculty.
Among our many student services, the dormitory, the library, the IT lab, the sports facilities, all contribute greatly to successful university years, to the achievement of our students and to obtaining their degree.
The town of Szarvas is rich in natural treasures and, in addition to tourism, sports and active recreation, it also helps students to spend their university years in a peaceful, friendly and stimulating atmosphere for professional development.
The course list we offer includes undergraduate courses in infant and toddler education, kindergarten teacher and lower primary teacher training, and also additional optional courses in minority languages: Roma, Romanian, Slovak and German for kindergarten teacher and lower primary teacher training students.
In addition to our BA courses, we also play an important role in further training. Teachers with a degree, as well as those working in special pedagogical services can choose from our 17 accredited professional development programmes.
Should you choose the Faculty of Education at Gál Ferenc University and wish to get your degree here, we will be pleased to welcome you in Szarvas.

Dr. Krisztina Katona

Faculty of Education Department of Studies

5540 Szarvas Szabadság út 4.
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