Address: 5700 Gyula, Szent István út 17-19, Hungary
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Come and become a university student in Gyula, a town with vibrant culture. Gyula is among the top tourist destinations in our country with a developing economy, where our friendly campus is just a two-minute walk from the charming town centre. The Grosics Football Academy of our diocese is also based here. Gyula immediately enchants all those visiting the heart of the Körös region, with its body- and soul-strengthening vividness, its impressive castle, its many churches, the Almásy castle and its spa, not to mention its famous gastronomy.
The Central Hospital of Békés County is a key partner of our faculty, so the knowledge and background required for the training is provided at the highest level. The dual training for our social work degree programme is provided by the region’s major service providers and the nationally dominant child protection system of our maintaining diocese.


Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at Gál Ferenc University!

“The only true learning is to awaken the knowledge that lies dormant in our being.”
(Sándor Weöres)

The Faculty in Gyula has a history in higher education of more than a quarter of a century. On 1 February 2017 it became part of Gál Ferenc College maintained by the Diocese of Szeged-Csanád, and – thanks to innovative developments – since 1 August 2020, it has been functioning as the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of Gál Ferenc University.
Since its foundation, our institution has been a key representative of the county’s health, social and tourism training, in which the institutional and touristic potential of the town plays a major role.
We train people for the helping professions, and also for the tourism sector, who, in addition to the excellent teaching background they have here, can acquire their knowledge from the professionals of the county hospital with a 175-year history, and also from the social sector professionals in Gyula with national and international recognition.
We do all this in a Christian spirit, so that our students, in addition to acquiring a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge, can embark on the path of self-realisation with a responsible approach to life.
Thanks to the international partner institutions of the university, our students can broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge in a number of European countries within the Erasmus+ programme and even overseas through the Campus Mundi programme.
We believe that by linking theory and practice to this extent we can provide the Hungarian health, tourism and social sectors with innovative intellectuals and professionals who are flexible and highly skilled in responding to the challenges of everyday life.
”We prepare you for your future.”
We warmly welcome all students to spend their university years in Gyula, in the town with vibrant intellectual and cultural life!

Dr. Gábor Vincze

Dr. Gábor Vincze

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Department of Studies

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Department of Studies
Address: 5700 Gyula, Szent István u. 17-19.
E-mail: to.eszk[at]gfe.hu
Tel: (66)-561-626
Zsuzsanna Gróhné Cseke, Senior Lecturer