In the beautiful, sunny centre of the region, Szeged, the Faculty of Theology welcomes you with its courses in religious education. The foundation and cornerstone of our catholic university is the cultivation of theology, and on that basis, the study of all questions, issues of science and society. This provides the background and a solid set of values on which scientific quality, commitment and professionalism are built.
Come and be a part of it! Find out how much the largest city in the Southern Great Plain has to offer with its unique features, thanks to its Mediterranean atmosphere, its natural and architectural treasures such as the stunningly beautiful Dóm Square or the River Tisza winding through the city.
There is a wide variety of courses in theology: you can study theology, religious education, pedagogy, the organisation of church communities and charitable work, or even the history of the Christian church and culture.
Our building in Szeged provides an exceptionally beautiful and orderly learning environment in the heart of the city centre.
The international cultural life of the city is all around us and is organized with us. Szeged is a city of schools, and in addition to the pulsating life of tens of thousands of students, it is also a centre of sport. Our maintaining diocese’s own football team welcomes fans to the brand-new, state-of-the-art stadium called St Gellert Forum.


Dear Student,
Dear Visitor,
Welcome to Gál Ferenc University! As its dean, let me welcome you to the Faculty of Theology!
The historical predecessor of our institution was the Csanád chapter school established in 1030, then in 1930, after the First World War a new college of theology was founded in Szeged, which is currently called Gál Ferenc University.
The centre of the University and the Faculty of Theology is located in Dóm Square in Szeged, but we also welcome applicants at other faculties in Szarvas, Gyula and Békéscsaba.
The Faculty of Theology symbolizes the unity of the high-level cultivation of profound faith, science, and culture.
We offer both BA and MA programmes, we train the theologists and priests of the future, catechists, pastoral teachers and counsellors, also historians of the Catholic Church and culture, in line with our motto: “We prepare you for your future!”

Mons. Dr. József Kovács
dean, head of department, college professor,
vicar-general, head of office, seminar rector

Mons. Dr. József Kovács
dean, head of department, college professor,
vicar-general, head of office, seminar rector

FACULTY OF THEOLOGY Department of Studies

6720 Szeged, Dóm tér 6.
6701 Szeged, Pf. 692.
E-mail: to.tk[at]gfe.hu
Tel: (62) 425-738/316. extension, (62)-313-151
Gyöngyi Nemesné Kiss, Head of Department
e-mail: nemesne.gyongyi[at]gfe.hu
Judit Vági, Senior Lecturer
e-mail: tabi.judit[at]gfe.hu