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Gál Ferenc University
Central Building and Faculty of Theology
H-6720 Csongrád-Csanád County, Szeged, Dóm square 6

Web: www.gfe.hu
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E-mail: erasmus@gfe.hu

National Office
Institutional coordinator: István Thékes PhD, college professor
Web: gfe.hu E-mail: erasmus@gfe.hu



In the beautiful, sunny centre of the region, Szeged, the Faculty of Theology welcomes you with its courses in religious education. The foundation and cornerstone of our catholic university is the cultivation of theology, and on that basis, the study of all questions, issues of science and society. This provides the background and a solid set of values on which scientific quality, commitment and professionalism are built.
Come and be a part of it! Find out how much the largest city in the Southern Great Plain has to offer with its unique features, thanks to its Mediterranean atmosphere, its natural and architectural treasures such as the stunningly beautiful Dóm Square or the River Tisza winding through the city.
There is a wide variety of courses in theology: you can study theology, religious education, pedagogy, the organisation of church communities and charitable work, or even the history of the Christian church and culture. Our building in Szeged provides an exceptionally beautiful and orderly learning environment in the heart of the city centre.
The international cultural life of the city is all around us and is organized with us. Szeged is a city of schools, and in addition to the pulsating life of tens of thousands of students, it is also a centre of sport. Our maintaining diocese’s own football team welcomes fans to the brand-new, state-of-the-art stadium called St Gellert Forum.



Address: 5540 Szarvas, Szabadság út 4, Hungary
Coordinator: Orsolya Szilvassy, PhD
E-mail: szilvassy.orsolya@gfe.hu
Phone: +36 66 886-000

The traditions of the teaching profession dating back to 1795 and the value-oriented educational innovations of the 21st century walk hand in hand on the banks of the River Körös in a picturesque environment – this is what the Faculty of Education in Szarvas means to us!
Discover one of the country’s oldest pedagogical institutions, where, in addition to modern and dynamic training, a wide range of exciting programmes are offered in the geographical centre of the Carpathian Basin in Szarvas, a town close to nature and full of culture.
The cultural life of Szarvas is also known abroad: just think of the Water Theatre and the Cervinus Theatre, the series of festivals, the wonders of the Arboretum, the interactive models of Mini Hungary, sport halls, the swimming pool, water sports on the River Körös, or the Bolza Castle of our university. These special features of the town are in line with the modern, practice-oriented training offered by the Faculty of Education. There is a teacher training partnership school and kindergarten on campus, where students can prepare for their careers, and our students can stay in our modern dormitory during their university years. The memories of all those years keep hundreds of graduates in their profession and make them enrol on our further education courses.
Why is it a good idea to study here? Because you will have a wonderful time here! We have a strong, inclusive community here and you are surrounded by beautiful natural treasures. Because the centuries-old pedagogical tradition of our faculty is blended with up-to-date knowledge. Because GFU is the university of your homeland.



Address: H-5700 Gyula, Szent István út 17-19, Hungary
Coordinator: Andrea Szöllősi Párduczné PhD
E-mail: parduczne.szollosi.andrea@gfe.hu
Phone: +36 66 561-620

Come and become a university student in Gyula, a town with vibrant culture. Gyula is among the top tourist destinations in our country with a developing economy, where our friendly campus is just a two-minute walk from the charming town centre. The Grosics Football Academy of our diocese is also based here. Gyula immediately enchants all those visiting the heart of the Körös region, with its body- and soul-strengthening vividness, its impressive castle, its many churches, the Almásy castle and its spa, not to mention its famous gastronomy.
The Central Hospital of Békés County is a key partner of our faculty, so the knowledge and background required for the training is provided at the highest level. The dual training for our social work degree programme is provided by the region’s major service providers and the nationally dominant child protection system of our maintaining diocese.



Address: H-5600 Békéscsaba, Bajza u. 33, Hungary
Coordinator: Monika Csefkó
E-mail: csefko.monika@gfe.hu
Phone: +36 66 887-150

In addition to marketable knowledge, Békéscsaba provides a lot more. Békéscsaba is the county seat, and as the seat of Békés county it offers a nationally outstanding cultural and sports life and is also a town of creative and performing artists as well as athletes.
It offers theatres, youth centres, museums, exhibition venues from Munkácsy to contemporary artists, classical concerts as well as modern musical trends, national handball, volleyball and football matches, but athletics, fencing and dancing are also popular here.
In addition to student sports events, the sports hall and artificial grass pitch of our university is home to several clubs.
Our campus in Békéscsaba provides an inspiring environment for professional development and studies, and our green areas surrounding our buildings are ideal for youth and community programmes.
Our spacious buildings provide a comfortable background for student and staff communities, while our modern library and residential home provide a relaxed, homely environment.
Our mission is to be a value-creating enterprise for the common good, to provide leadership based on people-centred economics, and to pass on the skills and know-how of motivated work.